Are the Tour Model wedges too severe?
A new category wedge that supports insatiable growth.

While the tour model is a club that maximizes professional skills in professional tournaments, RM-α is developed in pursuit of usability so that amateurs who have not mastered professional skills can save par in any situation.

  • ■ Head: Forged / S20C Soft Steel
  • ■ Shaft: Dynamic Gold (S200 129g)
  • N.S.PRO TS-114w Ver-2 (WEDGE / 125g)
  • N.S.PRO TS-101w (WEDGE / 111g)

Sole shape with forgiveness

A newly developed sole for RM-α that combines the new universal sole of DJ-5, which pursues forgiveness, and the H sole of RM-4, which is for advanced players.
The leading edge part has a gradual bumper to prevent duffing shot, and the bounce effect does not change much even if you open or close the face.

Loft 58° has 3 bounce angles

The 58 degrees offers three different bounce angles: “H” high bounce, “M” middle bounce, and “L” low bounce in order to respond to the sand condition of the bunker, the turf condition around the green, or the attack angle of each golfer’s swing.
The H sole is best suited for those with a deep attack angle, and the L sole is best suited for those with a gentle attack angle.

New reverse taper blade design that has evolved performance to suppress vertical impact

By narrowing down the back side sole connection part to the limit by the forging manufacturing method and efficiently distributing the excess weight up and down, the performance that does not shake is further evolved. The new reverse taper blade design demonstrates stable spin performance even when the ball hits up or down.

A new high-spin mirror forged face, stable spin performance even from the rough

A new high-spin mirror forged face that has evolved the manufacturing method of the conventional high-spin mirror forged face and pursued a groove shape that is at the limit of the rule. It suppresses the deterioration of spin performance even from the rough or on rainy days, and demonstrates stable spin performance.

TS-114w shaft designed exclusively for wedges

As well as TS-114w shaft, developed in collaboration with Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd. and the TS-101w is a steel shaft exclusively designed for wedges and usability.
It is not too heavy and not too light, and it has a moderate weight of 110g to meet the expectations of various players.

Mid weight TS-101w shaft that aims to be “just right”

Wedges have a wide range of swing speeds from full shots to chip shots, and the shaft is also required to be able to handle a variety of shots. In collaboration with Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd., we pursued and developed the optimum launch for all types of wedges in order to support the wide range of swing speeds.
The TS114w Ver2, which has been renewed this time, pursues the feeling of deep impact.

Dynamic Gold, a steel shaft with strong support from all over the world

Dynamic Gold is a tour-weighted shaft that is designed for players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for optimum control and accuracy.

Gun Black Finish

Gun black finish to reduce sunlight reflection