Feather Line Utility

Hollow utility iron pursuing “forgiveness” and “high trajectory”

  • Head:Hollow Structure (Plasma welded)
    Body – 17-4ph Casting, Face – High Maraging
  • Loft:21”, 24”, 27”, 30”, 34”
  • Shaft:
    Carbon FT50i (55g) *mono flex
    Carbon FT60i (60g) *mono flex
    Carbon FT40i (45g) *mono flex
  • Market Date : October 2022 *Overseas Market


  • FACE
  • TOP
  • TOE

【Club Spec】


High trajectory

A high-performance head with a thin face and Plasma welding that pursues “raising the ball” in all aspects of center of gravity and repulsion performance. Even at long and middle iron distances where the trajectory tends to be low, it captures the green with a high trajectory.

Optimum center of gravity

Aiming for the maximum center of gravity angle, it is set at the optimum center of gravity position. As a result, the club is easy to grip the ball without inappropriate opened-face at impact.

Lightweight carbon shaft

A lineup of lightweight carbon shafts of 45g, 55g, and 60g that pursues ease of swinging. Mono-flex original shaft design that stabilizes bending and return movements.

【FT-50i 】 *55g

【FT-60i 】 *60g

【FT-40i 】 *45g

【Original Head cover】