FQ+, designed exclusively for Women

  • Designed exclusively for straight forward women golfers
  • Design : Super-forgiving and automatic performance
  • Visual : Feminine appeal
  • 【Core Users】
  • Swing Speed : ~37m/sec (~83 mph)
  • Those who play regularly and are striving to reach the next level

  • Head : Pocket Cavity / Precision Casting
  • Finish : Nickel Chrome Mirror Satin
  • Head Material : C450(#6~9), SUS630 (P~S) *Tungsten weight unit in sole (#6~8)
  • Set make up : #6~P, A, S
  • Shaft : Tour AD FL40i (Carbon) / weight : 39g
  • Market Date : February 2023

*Lie and length are measured by Fourteen original measurements

Specifications tailored to women’s physical abilities

Fourteen Ladies is thoroughly focused on an optimal design for female golfers. All specifications such as head shape, weight, center of gravity, face progression, shaft rigidity are purposely designed taking into consideration the physical abilities and playing style of women.

Excellent performance even on and off-center hits

A high-strength material with a wide sweet area maximizes the forgiveness and repulsion effect, and brings stable direction and outstanding distance.

Ultra-low center of gravity created by tungsten weight inserts

The middle irons (# 6 to 8 iron) have a low and deep Center of Gravity thanks to the tungsten weight insert at the sole part, which helps to achieve both a higher launch angle and higher smash factor. The result is faster ball speeds and more distance. The original pocket cavity design reduces the thickness of the sole and provides a head shape that is not too shallow and more pleasing at address.

SW adopts slit sole that enhances control and spin performance

SW adopts Fourteen’s original slit and lightweight sole.
Control and spin performance are improved by inserting a slit in the sole part which reduces the weight of the sole and raises the center of gravity.

“Tour AD FL-40” shaft stabilizes ball trajectory and produces great distance

The Tour AD FL40 shaft was developed by Graphite Design Co., Ltd. for the target users of FQ+ Iron. This shaft is a 39g lightweight shaft that increases head speed. By reducing the rigidity difference between the butt end and the tip, the entire shaft bends, making it easier to swing and time the release of the head at impact.

Soft and good fit Grip

A “Made in Japan” soft material grip provides excellent tacky fit that minimizes vibrations on miss hits.
Matching feminine pink color is also applied to the grip end to create a stylish look.


Stylish and fashionable iconic stripes

Pink stripes on the back face and ferrule represent the icon of Fourteen Ladies