• IRON

【Recommended H/S 38~43m/s (85–96 mph)】
Simple, Beauty and Forgiveness

The “Theater” blade structure creates both soft feel and ease of use. Even with an advanced look, truly a forgiving forged iron for the average golfers.
TB-5 FORGED LEFT is now available.

  • HEAD : Forged / Mild Steel (S20C)
  • FINISH : Nickel Chrome Satin
  • SHAFT : FS-90i Steel shaft (Stiff 93g / Regular 89g)
    FT-70i Carbon shaft (70g)


【Club Spec】

【 Technology 】

Both feel and forgiveness from the Theater Blade design

The cavity step in the back face is removed which allows the face thickness to flow naturally in the curved shape of a theater creating an optimal center of gravity and a reduction in vibrations transmitted to the hands. The soft feel is further enhanced by the use of soft material S20C mild steel. This fulfills the need of golfers for an optimally balanced iron featuring both feel and forgiveness.

Larger size, Forged head

The mild steel forged iron TB-5 Forged features a larger head which inspires confidence at address as well as larger sweet spot which creates excellent distance and direction as and more forgiveness on off center strikes. The TB-5 Forged appeals to a wide variety of golfers with swing speeds between 38-43m/s (85- 96 mph) looking for a sporty and to use iron.

Both feel and forgiveness from the Theater Blade design

The TB-5 Forged uses the Universal Sole grind borrowed from the popular DJ-4 wedge and adapted for iron play. The versatile grind helps prevent digging and is forgiving from a wide variety of lies. Better turf interaction equals better and more consistent impact leading to straighter shots and more distance.


FS-90i , a new technology steel shaft to improve initial ball

speed and direction

The FS-90i is a Fourteen original shaft developed with Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd.. It maximizes energy transfer at impact and promotes a smooth swing tempo by reducing the rigidity of the butt to center of the shaft and reducing shaft weight which is 5g lighter than the N.S. Pro 950 shaft.

Responsive Carbon Shaft, FT-70i

Recommended Head Speed is 40~44m/s (89- 98mph). Excellent flexibility at start of downswing and high response & stability at impact It is lighter than general steel shaft, but it is solid and consistent even when hitting with a large attack angle.