• IRON

An unprecedented super-forgiving model in Fourteen history

Recommended H/S : 30~40m/s (67–89 mph) Super-forgiving and automatic performance

  • Head : Pocket Cavity / Precision Casting
  • Finish : Nickel Chrome / Mirror
  • Head Material : C450(#5~9), SUS630 (P) *Tungsten weight unit in sole (#5~8)
  • Set make up : #5, #6, #7~P
  • Shaft :
    FT-50i Carbon(mono flex) / weight 55g
    FT-60i Carbon(mono flex) / weight 60g
    FT-40i Carbon(mono flex) / weight 45g

【Club Spec】

【 Function / Technology 】


A high-strength material with a wide sweet spot And optimized weight, head shape, center of gravity, face progression maximizes the forgiveness and stability .


Original shaft FT50i, FT60i, FT40i were developed to ease and stabilize the swing. By reducing the rigidity difference between the butt end and the tip, the entire shaft bends, making it easier to swing and time the release of the head at impact.