• IRON
  • NEW

An evolutionary iron that pursues both a comfortable feel and forgiving performance
The new PC-3 FORGED pursues the feel of forging and high ball trajectory.
Optimized material, ideal weight distribution, and straight head shape maximize the performance and forgiveness.

  • ■Head Material
  • Face : #5~ #7 High Strength Elite D Steel
  • #8~ #PW High Strengthen Nickel Chrome molybdenum
  • Body : Soft Steel (S20C) / FORGED
  • ■Finish
  • Nickel Chrome
  • ■Shaft
  • FT-50i (Carbon / 55g)
  • FT-60i (Carbon / 60g)
  • FT-40i (Carbon / 45g)
  • FS90i Steel (Stiff 93g / Regular 89g)

【Club Spec】

【 Technology 】

New material “Elite D Steel” on the face.

A new material, ultra-high strength Elite D Steel, is used for the face material of #5 to 7 irons. The ultra-thin 1.75mm face thickness design increases the initial ball speed and provides ultra-high trajectory.

#8~PW iron face is 2.0mm high strength nickel chrome molybdenum steel. It provides both repulsion performance and a mild feel.

Elite D Steel dramatically improves repulsion performance across the face.

Benefits of high repulsion face

Increasing the initial velocity of the ball will directly lead to an increase in the highest trajectory. Even at low head speeds, the ball maintains the required trajectory fall angle to catch the green.

Optimal face grooves design according to the role of each club.

#5 to #7 prioritize repulsion performance and adopt shallow face grooves to achieve high trajectory.

#8~PW has a deep face groove design while maintaining repulsion performance to reduce the flyer phenomenon on rough or rainy days and achieve stable flight distance and spin rate.

A combination of high repulsion face and comfortable feel.

In order to eliminate the hard-hitting feel of the thin face structure, a “vibration absorbing elastomer” is injected into the lower part of the head. It provides a mild feel and comfortable sound.

Center of gravity design that matches the actual hitting point and sweet spot.

High-density tungsten is placed on the toe side to maximize excess weight in the forged body and move the center of gravity on the face closer to the center.
The center of gravity is adjusted using precision CNC machining to align the hitting point with the sweet spot.


✔ Consistency of impact without energy loss
✔ Reducing flight distance loss on off-center hits by increasing the MOI (moment of inertia)

The head will not get stuck even the attack angle is large.

Ridge sole with bumper. The thick bumper shape on the leading-edge side allows the head to pass through the grass without getting stuck, contributing to a smooth shot.

Original shafts that are highly compatible with New PC-3 FORGED head

Original Carbon Shafts:
FT40i (45g), FT50i (55g) and FT60i (60g) are shafts developed with the focus on stabilizing the swing.
By reducing the rigidity difference between the butt end and the tip, the entire shaft bends, making it easier to swing and time the release of the head at impact.

Original Steel Shafts:
The FS-90i Steel (R 89g / S 93g) is a Fourteen original shaft developed with Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd..
It maximizes energy transfer at impact and promotes a smooth swing tempo by reducing the rigidity of the butt to center of the shaft and reducing shaft weight which is 5g lighter than the N.S. Pro 950 neo shaft.