Evolutionary Forged Iron

GelongD IX-002

  • IRON

Experience the distance advantage

Earning distance in the game of golf is a big advantage, not only with woods, but with irons as well. IX-002 Iron packed with advanced technology to realize the advantage of being able to hit with a short club as possible. The hyper-cavity structure combines the two merits of an ultra-thin face that maximizes repulsion performance and a cavity structure that provides the forgiveness.

  • ■Head : FORGED / S25C Soft Steel (Plasma Welding)
    *Nickel chrome plated matte black satin finish
  • ■Face : New Hyper e-Metal Forged (built-in connected core)
  • ■Set composition : #6, #7, #8, #9, P, P/A
  • ■Shaft : FS-90i Black Steel (S 93g, R 89g)



The new form of the cavity iron which evolved

Adopted a hyper-cavity structure with a hollow inside the face. By matching the good repulsion performance of the hollow structure and the forgiveness of the cavity structure, IX-002 allows you to aim at the green with a shorter iron.

More distance and more forgiveness plus great feel.

The soft steel forged works together with the integrated Connected Core inside the hollow section of the body to work as a brace to stabilize the head and to improve feel and sound at impact. A precision machined Hyper e-Metal face thickness of 1.8mm is plasma welded to the body and produces both softer feel and faster initial ball speeds.

An advanced technology shaft to improve initial ball speed and direction

The FS-90i is a Fourteen original shaft developed with Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd.,. It maximizes energy transfer at impact and promotes a smooth swing tempo by reducing the rigidity of the butt to center of the shaft and reducing shaft weight which is 5g lighter than the N.S. Pro 950GH neo shaft. Black finish is adopted as standard spec according to the head color.