An Updated Players Club

Golf swing mechanics and dynamics are undergoing a massive change given the new drivers and their designs in Center of Gravity (CG) and MOI. Reviewing these components and their designs, there is now a gap in the club specifications in the center of gravity (CG) with players irons, whereas they have largely remained unchanged. When put into play, the result is a poor balance between the woods and irons. The TC920 Forged iron has been design to bridge this gap and achieve closer CG specification to our modern day head drivers, and is matched to achieve overall balance and delivery in the golf swing.

  • Head: Forged / Mild Steel (S25C)
  • Finished:Nickel Chrome Satin finished(Back face/Millar finished)
  • Sets:#3, #4, #5~P
  • Shaft: N.S.PRO MODUS3TOUR 105(S/106.5g)
      DYNAMIC GOLD(S200/129g)


Relatively longer CG distance

Fourteen developed this iron with the underlying idea that a balanced connection among all 14 clubs is essential.With newer drivers that have increasingly longer CG, irons with compact club heads feel and play differently, which can result in inconsistency in club delivery, trajectories and shot dispersion While maintaining a compact head size, The TC-920 longer CG distance, which bridges the gap between metal woods, resulting in an overall better balance within the set of clubs.

Precise CG setting by club number

By precisely altering the thickness of the construction inside the head cavity, the TC-920 can achieve accurately designed CG and user-friendliness forgiveness that makes it easy to control distance and trajectory accurately with low to mid-number irons, and to produce desired higher launching longer irons.

Lofted pitch creating gradual steps in shot distance

The TC920’s loft pitch and CG setting controls distance in a gradual, stepped progression from a 3-iron to the pitching wedge.This lofted pitch allows precise, graded control of shot distance.

Head shape

The clubs retain a minimal offset design, but the head shape is tailored towards forgiveness.


The club face has a satin finish that makes setting up shots pleasing to the eye.The image is that of enveloping the ball, while the back face is done in a mirror finish to achieve both strong performance and a sense of presence for each club.