Fourteen’s lowest CG forged iron ever!

Aiming to create the most forgiving forged iron set to date.
We had to develop a extensive forging process, these irons are forged seven times to achieve our lowest-ever CG.
Making the clubs ultra-forgiving, while retaining our signature forged feel: “The ultimate forged irons for flight.”
The new TC-340FORGED have the precision, functionality, beauty and feel that only come with forged clubs.

  • Head: Forged soft steel (S35C)
  • Finish: Nickel-chrome plating, satin finish

  • Shaft: Zeros steel shaft (68.5 g)
    N.S.PRO 950GH HT steel shaft (S/98 g / R/94.5 g)
    FT-26i carbon shaft (S/60 g / R/55 g / L/45 g)


Unbelievable Undercut Thanks to Highly Precise7-step Forging

TC340FORGED clubs are forged 7 times during the manufacturing process to create an undercut structure not previously thought possible. This results in an outstanding feeling off the face not usually found in these super game improvement irons.

Lowest-ever, Super-deep CG

Our lowest-ever CG (15.3 mm) and super-deep (6.3 mm) Fourteen irons were created using highly precise forging techniques. The CG varies to create optimal launch conditions throughout the set.

Super-wide sole

No matter the lie, this sole will turn misses into decent shots, making great-feeling iron shots a breeze.

Flowing CG Design Makes Each Club Easy to Use

From long irons that you can easily hit,to short irons that promote more scoring control,the flowing design of these clubs connects each club to the next.The shallow-shaped middle/long irons have sense of security and forgiveness that make it easy to hit high,soft shots,while the short irons have a more traditional shape that promotes more trajectory control and scoring abillity.