New Generation Forged Iron

The IF-700 FORGED is the answer to realizing high performance and universal beauty.
The hyper-cavity structure combines the advantages of a hollow structure with a high-repulsion function and forgiveness of a cavity structure.
This is a new generation of forged iron which showcases three key features, “PLAYABILITY”, “DISTANCE”, “FORGIVENESS”, and “BEAUTY”.

  • HEAD : Mild Steel (S25C) Forged ABR (Athletic Back Rib) Body with Integrated
    Connected Core, Plasma welded Hyper e-Metal Forged Face
  • FINISH : Nickel Chrome Satin / Intelligent mirror finish
  • SHAFT : FS-90i Steel (S/93g, R/89g)
  • PRICE (SRP) : #6~P (5 pcs.) JPY115,000 per set / #5 (single pc) JPY23,000 per pc.
  • MARKET DATE : April 2020


New form of innovative cavity iron

The Hyper Cavity design has a hollow section to increase repulsion effect. Combined with the cavity back design, the result is more forgiveness and an optimal head size and height. Higher ball speeds and improved ease of use equals better distance and direction. Hit it far and straight!

High commitment to materials and manufacturing methods

The mild steel forged ABR (Athletic Back Rib) works together with the integrated Connected Core inside the hollow section of the body to work as a brace to stabilize the head and to improve feel and sound at impact. A precision machined Hyper e-Metal face is plasma welded to the body and produces both softer feel and faster initial ball speeds, in addition to increased durability. More distance and more forgiveness plus great feel.

FS-90i , a new technology steel shaft to improve initial ball speed and direction

Through joint development with Japan Shaft, we have achieved a weight reduction of 5g (S / 93g, R / 89g) from the conventional specifications, and a rigidity balance that flexibly returns from the hand to the middle part. The ball speed is easy to get, and the timing is easy to take.