Let the club do the work for you.

The Fourteen DJ line of wedges are designed for amateur players that don’t have the precision of a Tour Pro.
Since its release, the DJ series wedges have provided confidence inspiring designs to thousands of amateur golfers.
This latest iteration has evolved by adding a skating rink blade cavity design and a new universal sole that produced the easiest to hit and most forgiving DJ wedge in Fourteen’s history.

  • ■ Head: S20C soft steel forging (ultra-high precision, mirror forging groove face)
  • ■ Finish: Nickel chrome plated, pearl satin & mirror finish
  • : Light black plated finish
  • ■ Shaft: (Steel) N.S.PRO DS-91w (WEDGE / 96g)
  • (Steel) N.S.PRO TS-114w (WEDGE / 125g)
  • (Carbon) FT-62w (WEDGE / 65g), FT-52w (WEDGE / 55g)



New universal sole for better turf interaction

Eliminate chunked shots. The frequent cause is due to a strong leasing edge causing the club to get stuck in the ground. Fourteen engineers pursued and developed a sole that does not impair turf interaction. By combining this with the universal sole, the player will produce better contact even when aggressively striking the ground.

Score line face milling

The acclaimed ultra-high precision, high spin mirror face forging method was used for development. The cross-sectional area was milled to the conformance limit compared to the conventional engraving groove manufacturing method on other wedges. High spin is maintained even when the turf is wet or from the rough.


S20C soft steel was used to produce a soft feeling compared to various other head materials. This produces a great sensation so the player knows precisely where a shot was struck on the face.

Skating rink blade cavity design forgiving to miss hits

The conventional reverse taper blade has now evolved further by spreading the surface of the face like a skating rink. This creates maximum forgiveness at the top of the blade and the heel and toe sections. With the link blade design the size of the head is now bigger creating more stability during mis-hits.

Moderate offset shape that can be hit easily

Let the club assist in squaring the face for straight shots.

Original lightweight steel shaft for wedges “DS-91w”

A 96g wedge-only steel shaft was developed to make the DJ-5 easier to swing which will fit a wide range of players. Wedge shots require a wide range of swing speeds from full shots to chips. The shaft is also required to be able to handle a variety of shots. To support these many shots and speeds, we jointly developed this shaft with Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd. and produced the right materials so that it can be used with both wedges and irons.

* Black finish shaft will be used for Black Edition (light black plating finish)

TS-114w shaft designed exclusively for wedges

be able to handle a variety of shots. In collaboration with Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd., we pursued and developed the optimum launch for all types of wedges in order to support the wide range of swing speeds.

* Black finish shaft will be used for Black Edition (light black plating finish)

Original carbon shaft for wedges “FT-62w”

A 65g original carbon shaft developed in search of a wedge setting that best matches the iron set equipped with a lightweight carbon shaft. It is easy to hit with the same rhythm as an iron shot, and it is possible to use with an iron as well.

Since wedges can be used for a wide variety of swings, from full shots to approach shots, a shaft that weighs 10 to 20 grams more than an iron shaft adds stability to the swing. This newly designed shaft is easy to include into club sets for golfers who have been using iron shafts that weigh in the upper 40 to 50 grams range.