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Many of our clubs were originally designed for amateur players who lack the technique and power of professionals. As many amateurs do not have the skill to accurately create spin, trajectory and distance control.
The new DJ-4 Forged wedge has the entire Fourteen essence condensed into a wedge that would place it right in the middle of the Fourteen wedge lineup

  • Head: Forged / Material : Mild Steel S20C
  • Face : Super Precise Miller Finished Face with Forged Groove
  • Finish: Nickel-chrome plated, pearl satin finish
  • Shaft: N.S.PRO DS-91w Steel Shaft (WEDGE/96g)
         N.S.PRO TS-114w Steel Shaft (WEDGE/125g)
         FT-62w (WEDGE/ 65g) , FT-52w (WEDGE/ 55g)
         Ladies’ specification (FT – 52 w carbon shaft/55g)


A Score line face just within regulation, made with a new method

Within the DJ series, DJ-4 Forged is the first to adopt a highly precise, mirrorfinished groove manufacturing method, achieving cross-sectional area that isbarely within regulation for clubface grooves.This makes it possible to create spin despite the conditions.

The DJ-4’s unique Universal Sole

■ Approach shots

The DJ-4’s universal sole, which is designed for ease of use in a variety of cases. The club head slides over the grass to contact the ball solidly. This keeps misses to a minimum and allows for highly stable approach shots no matter the lie.

■ Banker shots

The Universal Sole, with an appropriate sole width and bounce angle to the ground, resists digging into sand, instead sliding across to make solid contact with the ball and propel it out of the bunker.

Loft lineup to fill in the gaps left by strong loft irons

As more and more irons move towards having strong lofts, the loft pitch of short irons has increased, resulting in bigger gaps in distances between clubs making filling yardage gaps more difficult.
The DJ-4 Forged is a loft lineup that covers those long-flying irons’ weaknesses.

■ Optimum weight distribution

The DJ-4 Forged features optimum weight distribution that comes from the superb harmony of its half-cavity structures head and double-reverse tapered blade.
This keeps line deviations to a minimum even with off-center shots, adding stability to the short game.

■ Head Material

The club head material is S20C (Mild Steel), which is known for its ability to stick to the ball on the impact.

■ Design and finish

The original head shape and bold mirror finish look both beautiful and sporty.

Light weight DS-91w steel used with highly-rated wedge shaft

The original light weight 96 gram version of the wedge-specific steel shaft was developed jointly with Nippon Shaft, and has been newly added to the lineup. The shaft was designed to be easy to swing and easy to use as a club.This shaft makes the wedge club more compete overall, and makes it work for a wider variety of golfers.

NS Pro DS-91w Steel shaft Overview

The swing speeds of wedges vary greatly, from full shots to chip shots, necessitating that their shafts be capable of working well in each situation. In order to fulfill the requirement for wedges, Fourteen worked together with Nippon Shaft, beginning with selecting a suitable material, to jointly develop this shaft. This was following all the positive reviews that the FH Forged V1 wedge was met with after receiving similar treatment. The DS-91w steel shaft boosts the usefulness of wedges and makes them easier to connect with when coming from irons.The moderate weight in the 90-gram range is ideal for a wider range of golfers.

Material: Nickel chrome molybdenum steel (SAE8655) / Weight: 96 g

Performance: Hardness from the tip to the center is maintained, while reducing the rigidity felt in the grip area, offering greater possibilities and providing an ideal feeling for wedges.

Newly designed FT-62w special graphite shaft made specifically for wedges

Since wedges can be used for a wide variety of swings, from full shots to approach shots, a shaft that weights 10 to 20 grams more than an iron shaft adds stability to the swing.

This newly designed shaft is easy to include into club sets for golfers who have been using iron shafts that weight in the upper 40 to 50 grams rage.